CBD Pharm 1gm Concentrate

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CBD Pharm Concentrates have the highest potency of cannabinoids and terpenes, designed for dabbing on a rig or ceramic coil device. 


Size: 1 gram

Concentration: 82%+

Ingredients: Broad spectrum (THC FREE) distillate infused with strain specific terpenes.

Absorption rate: Rapid 

Recommended use: Start with a very small amount of concentrate and use with dabbing rig or ceramic coil device. Increase dose as desired. 

*Please Note: This product requires a rig or ceramic coil device to use. 


AC/DC: AC/DC is cannatonic phenotype with sweet, earthy and skunky profile. 

Girl Scout Cookies: One of the most popular strains ever bred, GSC is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison with a sweet and earthy aroma.

King Louis XIII: King Louis XIII delivers a pleasant pine with earthy tone profile, perfect for the terpene connoisseur.

Platinum OG: For the OG lovers, Platinum OG has the perfect hit of skunk, diesel and pine aromas. 

Sour Diesel: One of the most sought after strains, Sour D offers a pungent gas profile like no other. 

Tahoe OG: Skunky, lemon and earthy, Tahoe OG offers a beautiful aroma that is sure to be a fan favorite.