What is Skokie Cash & Carry?
Skokie Cash & Carry is a distributor/wholesaler of Tobacco Products, Beverages, POS Register Paper, General Merchandise, Medicine, Candy and Glass Products. 
How do your prices compare to everyone else?
Skokie Cash & Carry has very competitive pricing. We strive for customer satisfaction. If you're happy, so are we. We want to make Skokie Cash & Carry your one stop wholesaler so you don't need to shop around and you can be more productive with your time.
How fast do you ship and how does shipping work?
We typically ship within 72 hours of payment (usually a lot sooner). Our checkout works a little differently because of quantities order, we do run out of items due to high volume in-store sales. After you've placed our order, a sales rep will call you for payment arrangements for your order. There is a minimum order of $250. To receive free shipping, orders have to be at least $500 (THIS EXCLUDES PALLET PACKAGING AND CERTAIN ITEMS). All orders under $500 will be charged a flat rate of $25. We ship products via UPS, FedEx and USPS.
I am a store owner and want to buy directly from you. How can i buy products from you guys?
First you will need to create an account at www.skokiewholesale.com. After you create an account you will need to send us your Business License to our email (picture is fine) at  support@skokiewholesale.com. After we approve you, you are welcome to browse, ask questions, and purchase anything you need.
Where can I find your current catalog?
Just contact us and we will send you our current catalog via email.
What if I want something that you don't carry?
Feel free to email or call us. We love to cater to everyone. If you need something, chances are that someone else might need the same thing. We will do our best to get whatever you desire. Email us at  support@skokiewholesale.com
What if I see a lower price on an item on another website?
Let us know! Save the link and email us. If the site is a US reputable site, then we will do our best to match the price or even attempt to beat the price. But you have to understand, we can't always match/beat all the prices in the market. 
I just opened my first store, can you guide me to which products my type of store carries?
If you just opened your first store, or you are looking to expand your current products, please looking into our categorical product list. We have made it easy for all of our customers to find what they are looking for based off of the type of store they have. The types of stores include: Liquor Stores, Convenient Stores, Smoke Shops, Gas Stations or Vape Shops.
What if I need help?
Please call us: 847.679.1700
Please email us:  support@skokiewholesale.com