Benji $100 Pre-Rolled Cones 3pk - 24ct Cones

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  • 3 Count per Tube
  • 24 Tubes per Display
  • Organic Paper
  • Made from Edible Vegetable Oil
  • Natural Slow Burn


BENJI $100 Bill Pre-Rolled Cone

The Benji $100 Bill rolling paper is one of the most luxury pre-rolled cones. Made from organic paper, you'll be the life of the party anytime you light it up.

Made form no ink. the Benji $100 Bill is made from edible vegetable oil. This includes a natural slow burn added to your smoking process.

These pre-rolled cones are created from the bast of the dried hemp stems. The bast is the best and most desirable fiber of the hemp. This is the part that gives the Benji's the slow burn.