King Palm Margarita - 2 Mini Rolls - 20pk Display

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King Palm Margarita comes in mini rolls depending on the amount of dry herbs you want. Each mini roll fits up to a gram. Simply grind it up and fill it up while packing it down with the packing stick. Each pack comes with a Boveda pack to keep it humid.

Each King Palm Margarita mini rolls come with 2 mini rolls per pack with 20 packs per display. They come pre-rolled already so no need to worry about rolling this up. These are made from natural Cordia (Borage) leaf rolls.

  • 2 Pre-Rolled Mini Wraps & Tips per Pack
  • 20 Packs per Display
  • 100% Organic Palm Leaf Pre-Rolled Cigar Wrap
  • Squeeze & Pop for Flavor
  • Tobacco-Free and Additive Free
  • Includes Boveda Pack
  • Packing Stick