MK Jumbo Flexible Refillable Willow BBQ Lighter Blister - 10ct Display

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  • Multipurpose: MK Lighter, Flex All Jumbo lighter design features a long flexible neck to be used as a lighter for candles, lighting BBQ grills, Chimneys, Lanterns, Kitchen Stoves, Campfires, Bonfires, Incense and everything in between.
  • Features: Long flexible lighter keeps you at a safe distance when igniting any object. Adjustable regular flame allowing you to easily adjust the intensity of the flame. Portable making it easy to use in every occasion, every holiday season and celebration. Built in hanging hook making it easy to storage. Large refillable butane tank for maximum usage and slip guard rubber finish for maximum grip and comfort.
  • Fuel: Our MK Lighter, Flex All Jumbo has a large visible butane tank for long lasting use. Butane refillable, all you need to do is give it 2-3 pumps held at about 2-3 seconds each and you are ready to go.
  • Flame: Adjustable regular flame lighter reliable for all indoor and outdoor settings such as camping, BBQ, and for all your favorite scented candles.
  • Safety/Quality: Our MK Lighter, Flex All Jumbo lighters are designed and manufactured with high standards.Built in safety lock to keep you from harm's reach of children or any accidental ignitions. All lighters will be shipped on Clear Tamper Proof Packaging ensuring a safe transit from our warehouse to your hands. Safety is our number one priority. Please use with Caution.